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Bee Bar

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The Bee Bar is a simple yet effective habitat for solitary (non-stinging) bees to lay their eggs and thrive.

Solitary bees are perfectly safe to attract into your garden; they are highly effective pollinators of flowers, vegetables and fruit crops and can pollinate up to 85% more than a honey bee.

By encouraging these friendly bees to nest in your garden you are not only improving their chances of survival, but also improving the yields of your own crops.

The Bee Bar is compatible with the Classic VegTrug and VegTrug Wall Hugger. It secures easily to the legs just below the planter, giving a large variety of species a great place to nest.

Key Features

  • Help save the bees!
  • Promotes pollination for the whole garden.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials that are safe for bees.
  • Compatible with the Classic VegTrug and VegTrug Wall Hugger.



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