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Build-a-Barrel Kit 46cm

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Soil Capacity:27.00L
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The Barrel Kit is a lovely addition to any garden or patio area. This product is great for adding colour and providing the perfect home for various plants.

The base of the barrel is made of durable plastic to prevent rotting while allowing for maximum aeration and drainage, thus providing optimum conditions for plant growth. The solid base ensures the barrel will last into the future, without the bottom dropping out!

Manufactured from strong, durable 100% FSC® Certified wood, the barrel is incredibly sturdy once assembled and will withstand all seasons.

With six colours to choose from, the Barrel will compliment any garden or patio colour scheme.

The Barrel Kit comes securely flat packed within a small box and can then be easily assembled at home with simple step-by-step instructions.

Key Features

  • Great for adding colour to a garden or patio area.
  • Plastic base provides excellent drainage and aeration.
  • Provides the perfect conditions for potted plants.
  • Assembled with ease at home.



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