A Brief History

VegTrug was founded in late 2009 by Joe Denham and Paul Owen, with the original VegTrug having been developed and perfected in the previous year.

The VegTrug has since gone on to become a design icon and one of the most successful and recognisable garden product brands in the world, all starting from a kitchen table.


From the beginning, we wanted to create products that people could easily use to grow their own vegetables in the smallest spaces, that was accessible to everyone regardless of age or disability, and that would educate and encourage people to grow their own food.

We source all our wood from sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council® certified sources and base our manufacturing facilities as close to those sources as we can.


Look for our FSC® certified products.

Our Companies

VegTrug has operations in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the European Union, with partners offering our range (almost) worldwide.

VegTrug has been wholly owned by Takasho since 2012, but is still operated by our original founders with a small, tight-knit team.

Why VegTrug?

Vast variety of products
You'll find everything you need to grow your own with us
Perfect for small spaces
We have VegTrugs that fit almost anywhere!
Around the world
You can find our products worldwide!
Expert customer service
We are always here to help, however we can!