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Ersatzpflanzvlies für VegTrug Klassik

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Ein Ersatzvlies für Ihren VegTrug. Aufgrund der biologischen Abbaubarkeit des Vlies wird es empfohlen, das Vlies alle zwei Jahre oder so beim Wechseln des Bodens für die nächste Saison zu ersetzen.


  • Hergestellt aus biologisch abbaubarem Gewebe
  • Ermöglicht Belüftung und Entwässerung
Does the liner let water drain through it? 

Our liners are made from a polypropylene woven fabric that is designed to biodegrade over time, it also allows water through so does not require drainage holes.

How often does the liner replacing?

The liner will need replacing every 2-3 seasons.

Why is my liner white?

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have experienced availability issues in sourcing the raw material to produce the VegTrug liners; manufacturers of PPE equipment were requisitioning the material itself for use in masks and other items.

As a short term measure we had to produce some items a white version of the material instead of black. The properties and functionalities of the product are identical to those of the standard black version.

Because we recommend tucking in the liner beneath the soil, this difference should not have any impact on the aesthetics of your VegTrug.

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