What is this product manufactured from?

We are pleased to confirm that all of our wooden products are manufactured from 100% FSC certified Cunninghamia lanceolata - this is referred to as many different names such as Chinese Cedar, Chinese Fir, China Fir but is in fact a member of the cypress family. We use this type of wood as it naturally repels pests, fungus and rot.

The windows are made from high quality polycarbonate which is both shatterproof and UV stable.

Does this include fixings to attach it to the VegTrug?

The Cold Frame does not attach to the VegTrug for ease of removal. However, if it is located in an exposed site or you wish to permanently attach it to the VegTrug, we recommend attaching with brackets.

Can this be used on the ground as well as the VegTrug?

Yes, the Cold Frame can be used on the VegTrug or on the ground.