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Wall Hugger Greenhouse Multi-Cover Replacement (Cover Only)

Gewicht:0.72kg - 1.10kg
Breite:99.50cm - 179.60cm
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Von €49.99

The Wall Hugger Greenhouse cover is made from durable polyethylene that helps warm your plants in colder months, extending your growing season. With openings all around, you won’t be hindered in your daily maintenance.

This product is a standalone replacement and does not include a frame.

Key Features

  • Compatible with the Small or Medium Wall Hugger VegTrug - Please check the size!
  • Greenhouse layer warms your plants in cold months.
  • Micro Mesh layer protects from insects and pests.
Do I need to remove the cover if windy?

In particularly high winds we do recommend removing the Multi Cover Set, as the majority of plants are able to survive in high winds for a period of time. Due to the Multi Cover Set being a tent like structure this cannot always withstand high wind gusts.

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