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Coolaroo Dog/Pet Beds

Coolaroo Dog/Pet Beds


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VegTrug Coolaroo Dog and Pet Beds are designed to give you and your pet years of faithful service.
Hygienic, clean and comfortable, there is a VegTrug Coolaroo Pet Bed to suit every size of animal!
The unique long life fabric cover is warrantied against UV degradation for a full 5 years.
The fabric allows airflow, ideal for helping your pet regulate their temperature.  It also prevents mould and bacteria build up, as well as guarding against insect infestations.
The bed's frame and fabric can easily be cleaned of your pet's fur or any dirt build up.
Our Pet Beds come in a choice of Grey or Green fabric.

L: 152cm, W: 94cm, H: 23cm
L: 59.8", W: 37", H: 9.1"