Pizza Kit Seed Pods

Pizza Kit Seed Pods

$19.99 ( $19.99 rrp )

The award winning SeedCell® is an easy to use, biodegradable, plant-able pod filled with seeds. Perfect for beginners, or young budding gardeners, Simply push the pods into soil and add water. The water absorbing pods will soak up all the water the seeds need, without drowning them and deliver it directly to the seeds. The pods are made from certified compostable materials and are 100% biodegradable. As the seeds grow the pod breaks down into the soil and encourages healthy plant growth.

The pods are made from 100% recycled industrial waste which is stripped of any bleaches, acids or other chemicals and does not contain peat; peat bogs, being one of the largest natural resources of water in the UK are important to preserve. Planting SeedCell® prevents sending tones of industrial waste to land fill each year by putting the materials to good use. SeedCell® is manufactured in the UK in a closed loop process that allows waste from production to go back into the recycling cycle and be used again. SeedCell® is the only fully biodegradable, peat free seed pod in the world.  


Easy To Grow: Easy to use, fun and guaranteed to grow. Mess free, this alternative to traditional planting allows consumers who have no experience in gardening to grow their own. 

Requires No Tools: SeedCell® is designed so that its shape helps it push into the soil, eliminating the need for tools such as trowels and dibbers. This ensures that each seed reaches the perfect germination depth. 

Uses Less Water: SeedCell® water absorbing technology allows it to retain water longer than other conventional substrates, feeding the seed without over watering it.

100% Recycled Waste: SeedCell is made from 100% recycled waste paper and uses eco- friendly materials and packaging. 

- Arugula
- Bell Pepper
- Basil 
- Tomato