Bee Bar

Bee Bar


$34.99 ( $34.99 rrp )

This simple but effective habitat provides a large number of cardboard tubes in which these gentle non-swarming and non-aggressive lay their eggs.
They are perfectly safe to attract into the garden as the DO NOT sting.

From March to August the female bees will lay eggs in the tubes and create a series of cells separated by mud or leaf walls depending on species. The larvae will develop over the winter period in the tubes and will then emerge as adult bees the following spring. The males and females then mate and the whole cycle of the females laying the larvae in the tubes begins over again.

Solitary bees are highly effective pollinators of flowers, vegetables and fruit crops and pollinate up to 85% more than a honey bee. By encouraging the bees to nest in your garden you are helping the conservation of these bees as well as improving the yields of your crops.

Solitary bees are non-aggressive so they are perfectly safe to encourage into the garden and will not be a danger to children or pets. Once the bees start to use this nester, it will be used year after year as the population increases.

The Bee Bar is compatiable with the Classic Small & Medium VegTrug, and fits above the leg support beam. It is also compatiable with both the Small and Medium WallHugger, however fits below the leg support beam.