Aluminium VegTrug

Aluminium VegTrug

$499.99 ( $499.99 rrp )

The Aluminium VegTrug is manufactured from high grade aluminium that has been finished with a powder coating, this ensures that your Aluminium VegTrug will last for many years and therefore does not require annual treatment. 

Perfect for all small spaces such as gardens, patios, balconies and roof gardens, the Aluminium VegTrug is easy to assemble from flat pack and is the perfect solution to growing your own in a limited space. Standing at 80cm, it is the ideal working height for gardening without bending and compromising posture, allows easy access for wheelchairs and assists in keeping slugs and pests at a minimum too. 

The unique ‘V’ shape means that you are still able to plant a variation of plants; you can grow deep rooted produce in the middle, along with shallow rooted produce towards the front and back. Holding up to 210 litres of soil, the Aluminium VegTrug has enough space to grow a good amount of crops within a restricted space. 

A pre-formed liner is included, this will aid in keeping the soil healthy and well-aerated to provide optimum growing conditions. The liner is self draining and is designed to gradually bio-degrade over time. 

l: 103cm
w: 76cm
h: 80cm