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Kids VegTrug

Kids VegTrug

$99.99 rrp

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The Kids VegTrug is manufactured from 100% FSC certified cedar wood that is treated with a water-based and food safe preservative.

Perfect for small spaces, the Kids VegTrug is easy to assemble from flat pack and is the perfect solution for learning and teaching children how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. 
Standing at 63cm, it is the ideal working height for children and also lessens the risk of pests and slugs. The unique ‘V’ shape means that you are still able to plant a variation of crops; you can grow deep rooted produce towards the middle, along with shallow rooted produce towards the font and back.
Holding up to 55 litres of soil, the Kids VegTrug has enough space to grow a wide variety of crops within limited space.A pre-formed liner is included, this will aid in keeping the soil healthy and well-aerated to provide optimum growing conditions.The liner is self draining and is designed to gradually bio-degrade over time. 
• Perfect working height for children 
Children can learn about growing their own produce
Make growing vegetables, salads and fruit fun
•  Natural wood is FSC 100%
•  Will hold 55 litres of compost

l: 49cm 
w: 46cm 
h: 63cm 

Replacement liners are available here.