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Self-Watering VegTrug

Weight:19.10kg - 26.72kg
Soil Capacity:210.00L - 420.00L
Width:103.40cm - 183.40cm
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From £169.99

The Classic VegTrug is our founding product; our heritage.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the raised and unique V-shape simultaneously allows for shallow and deep growth, a posture-saving working height and easy wheelchair access.

The V-shape, partnered with our biodegradable liner, also allows for deep aeration of your crops' root systems and ensures proper drainage.

Made of durable 100% FSC® wood, the VegTrug is perfectly suited for outdoor use. A water-based, food-safe preservative ensures all your crops are healthy and ready for cooking, eating or just giving back to nature.

The Self-Watering accessory sits beneath the compost and continuously supplies water to all your plants.

The funnel features a cover to prevent any solids from entering the reservoir below, and a fill meter to make sure your VegTrug never runs dry.

Key Features

  • Pre-formed, biodegradable liner included.
  • Treated with a food-safe, water-based preservative that ensures wood is long-lasting.
  • The V-shape ensures all kinds of growth can be supported.
  • Comfortable working height, easy for wheelchair access.
  • Large reservoir can comfortably support your plants for days at a time.
  • Covered funnel prevents solids (and critters!) from falling into the reservoir.
  • Fill meter of the self-watering kit ensures your VegTrug never runs dry.

What's Included

  • 1 Classic VegTrug
  • 1 form-fitting drainage liner
  • All fixings and bolts required
  • Self-Watering Kit



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