Vegetables are... well, exactly what the VegTrug is for!  Fresh produce, eaten raw or cooked always tastes better when it is fresh from your garden moments before.

How to Grow Beetroot

Beetroot is a popular root vegetable that’s packed with nutrients and tastes great roasted or just chopped or grated raw into a salad.

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How to Grow Carrots

Carrots are a super popular root vegetable that are packed with vitamin A and are roasted, boiled or grated raw into a salad. It’s even a cake ingredient.

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How to Grow Cauliflower

It’s been said that cauliflowers can be tricky to grow. But if you love cauliflowers there’s no reason why you can’t grow your own, you just need the right conditions. And they’ll taste better than anything you find in the shops.

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How to Grow Lettuce

It’s a firm favourite base of any salad throughout the fair months of the year. And it’s easy to grow too.

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How to Grow Onions

Onions are a very easy vegetable to grow. Few vegetables have more uses in the kitchen, making them an excellent candidate for the VegTrug.

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How to Grow Peas

Peas are best when they are eaten green, fresh and in season. They can be grown in the VegTrug a little way in from the back or front edge and will produce a wonderful crop.

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How to Grow Potatoes

The humble potato helped create farming as we know it today. Its arrival from Peru to northern Europe in the late 1500s staved off famine, introduced an agricultural revolution and the use of fertiliser and insecticides in farming.

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How to Grow Radishes

Radishes add crunch and colour to salads and are very easy to grow in the VegTrug. They can handle most soil types and that fiery colour means kids will love seeing the results.

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Runner Beans
How to Grow Runner Beans

As well as being really good for you, runner beans are easy to grow too. Most need support in the form of bamboo canes or wigwams, but a few smaller varieties are perfect for the VegTrug.

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How to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes generally come in two different growth habits, Cordon (or indeterminate) tomatoes grow tall, reaching up to 1.8m (6ft) and require support. Bush (or determinate) tomatoes are bushy and are great for smaller gardens and pots - or a VegTrug.

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