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pqa-06 uk_aqua_tower_basket_spike.jpg
pqa-06 uk_aqua_tower_basket_spike_life.jpgpqa-06 uk_aqua_tower_basket_spike.jpg

Aqua Tower Basket on Spike

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An attractive, powder-coated plant stand with an eco-friendly coconut fibre liner that holds your plant securely, offering superior drainage and aeration, and promoting fuller and healthier plant development.

Sitting inside the base of the fibre liner is a built-in reservoir which delivers water to the root system to allow for minimal evaporation and maximum plant nutrition, while reducing the need for manual watering.

Manufactured from high quality powder coated steel, the stand is sturdy once assembled and will beautifully weather all seasons.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly coconut fibre liner with a built-in reservoir for water.
  • Manufactured from high quality power coated steel.
  • Features a large spike to push securely in to the ground.



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